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Cepmed has developed web-based Personalized Medicine Portal for Canadians in collaboration with DNA Direct by Medco.

According to the Personalized Medicine Coalition, there are more than 50 genetic tests currently available that can inform treatment decisions and drug therapy for a wide range of diseases.[i] With the availability of these tests, support and demand for personalized medicine is growing internationally.  However, effective integration of personalized medicine into clinical care is challenging.  It is widely thought that effective adoption of personalized medicine will require the participation of informed and engaged patients and healthcare providers.  Cepmed’s Personalized Medicine Portal (Portal) provides information and decision making tools that will help patients to understand how genetic testing can be used to inform treatment decisions and will enable better communication between patients and providers.  In addition the Portal provides information about access to specific genetic tests in each Province.

Cepmed plans to use the Personalized Medicine Portal as a key element of implementation studies in personalized medicine, collaborating with healthcare providers, industry, patient organizations and the public to define how personalized medicine is best applied within the Canadian health care system.  These studies will be informed by Cepmed’s participation in DNA Direct by Medco’s Genomics Medicine Network.  This network brings together leaders in personalized medicine and offers opportunities to establish multi-site studies in genomics, with a particular focus on real-world or implementation studies.

[i]The Case for Personalized Medicine, 3rd Edition”, published by the Personalized Medicine Coalition in 2011.