Cepmed Activities

Cepmed’s efforts to promote personalized medicine include multiple outreach programs and collaborative efforts.

Public-Private Partnerships and Research

Cepmed supports high-impact research intended to advance personalized medicine technology and the adoption of personalized medicine. Our impact is measured financially and socially, through the private funds we attract in our public-private partnerships, through changes in policy, health-care provider behaviour, as well as through overall health outcomes and costs savings to the Canadian healthcare system.

Commercialization of Technology Platforms

Cepmed promotes the commercialization of high-value services and products from three key technology platforms at the Montreal Heart Institute: the Montreal Heart Institute Biobank, the Beaulieu-Saucier Pharmacogenomics Centre, and the Montreal Health Innovations Coordinating Centre.

Knowledge Translation

Cepmed has worked with a broad range of stakeholders, nationally and internationally, to explore and define strategies and initiatives that can drive innovation in personalized medicine.  This work has led to a number of research projects and publications.  Notably Cepmed is leading clinical implementation research projects.  These projects are designed to provide insights and knowledge that can inform effective adoption and use of personalized medicine in clinical settings.