Katherine Bonter
Director of Promotion and Advocacy

Katherine Bonter is the Director of Advocacy and Promotion at Cepmed.  Prior to joining Cepmed she worked for 15 years in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry focusing primarily in business development and intellectual property.  She has worked for four small to medium sized early stage companies in research, competitive intelligence, project management  and intellectual property protection of pharmaceutical, diagnostic and research products.

Katherine’s specific areas of expertise include strategic IP portfolio management, IP licensing and corporate communications.  She has drafted more than 50 patent applications relating to inventions including bioinformatics tools, diagnostic tools, biologics, pharmaceutical formulations, small molecule antiviral compounds and slow-release compositions as well as lead the national and international prosecution of large patent portfolios.  Katherine has graduate studies in Neuroscience at the Centre of Excellence in Behavioural Neurobiology at Concordia University.

Anick Dubois, Ph.D.
Director, Personalized Medicine Implementation

Anick is in charge of the clinical implementation of personalized medicine at Cepmed. Prior to joining Cepmed, Anick was a manager for the GE3LS programs (ethical, environmental, economic, legal and social issues related to genomics) at Génome Québec. She was also overseeing the knowledge transfer and the socioeconomics benefits. Prior to working at Génome Québec, Anick was involved in an evaluation committee for the Conseil du médicament du Québec working on ethical and social issues of anti-cancer drugs. Furthermore, she served as Vice-Director of Research and Development for SERYX-Signature Genetics, a pharmacogenetics services company.
Anick also held a position at the Bio-Industry Management Research Chair (CGBI-UQÀM). In addition, she worked at the Institut de pharmacologie de Sherbrooke (IPS) in the cardiovascular molecular pharmacology laboratories and has many years of teaching experience. Anick holds a Ph.D in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Montreal Faculty of Pharmacy.