Board of Directors

Michel Saucier
Chairman of the Board

Jean-Yves Leblanc
Vice President of the Board

Denis Bilodeau
Treasurer of the Board
Vice President, Administrtation, Génome Québec

Claude C. Bismuth
Consultant, Bismuth Consulting

Ghislain Boudreau
Vice President, Public Affairs, Pfizer Canada

Denis Garceau
Senior Vice-President, Drug Development, Bellus Health

Stanislav Glezer
Vice-President, Medical Affairs, Sanofi-Aventis

Jacques Mizrahi
Head of Clinical Research & Exploratory Development, Metabolic & Vascular Diseases, Hoffman La Roche

Jean-Claude Tardif
Director, MHI Research Centre Pfizer Chair and of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research in Atherosclerosis – Professor of Medicine, Montreal Heart Institute

Marc Zarenda, Scientific Director
Medical Science, AstraZeneca Canada

Catalina Lopez-Correa
Vice President, Scientific Affairs, Génome Québec

Brigit Viens
Observer for the Federal government – Senior Program Manager, Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE)