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Dr. Jean-Claude Tardif

Jean-Claude Tardif MD, FRCPC, FACC, FCAHS is the Director of the Research Centre and cardiologist at the Montreal Heart Institute and professor of medicine at the University of Montreal.

Dr. Tardif graduated from the University of Montreal with a medical degree in 1987 and completed his training in cardiology and research in Montreal and Boston in 1994. Dr. Tardif is the Director of the Cardiovascular Health Network of the Quebec Health Research Fund (FRSQ) and also holds the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and Pfizer chair in atherosclerosis. He is the Scientific Director of the Montreal Heart Institute Coordinating Centre (MHICC) and Chairman of the steering committee of the CIHR-funded Canadian Atherosclerosis Imaging Network (CAIN).

Dr. Tardif has authored and co-authored more than 500 articles and abstracts in peer-reviewed publications including The New England Journal of Medicine, The Journal of the American Medical Association, The Lancet, Circulation, and the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. In addition, he has written more than 25 book chapters and has edited several books. He is the principal investigator of several large international clinical trials in the field of atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases. Because of his accomplishments, Dr Tardif was named Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences (FCAHS).